Intuitive Awareness
Intuitive Awareness | Ajahn Sumedho

These transcribed talks by Ajahn Sumedho convey an intuitive understanding of the Buddha's teaching which has arisen from the author's many years of practice as a Buddhist monk.

Now is the Knowing
Now is the Knowing | Ajahn Sumedho

Three Dhamma talks by Ajahn Sumedho given during the early years of establishing Theravada Buddhist Monasteries in Britain. These talks consider the way we relate to the Three Refuges, using the basic meditation on Mindfulness of Breathing and reaching for Nibbana, the goal.

Cittaviveka | Ajahn Sumedho

Cittaviveka is a pali term meaning 'the mind of non-attachment'. Cittaviveka is also the name of Chithurst Buddhist Monastery in West Sussex, UK, the first forest-sangha monastery in Britain. The transcribed talks cover a wide range of subjects including the process of integrating Buddhism into the West, developing skilful means in practice and the relationship with a teacher.

The Four Noble Truths
The Four Noble Truths | Ajahn Sumedho

A small booklet of edited talks given by Ajahn Sumedho on the central teaching of the Buddha: that the unhappiness of humanity can be overcome through spiritual means.

Consapevolezza: la via oltre la morte (Italian)
Consapevolezza: la via oltre la morte (Italian) | Ajahn Sumedho

Scopo di questo libro è offrire istruzioni chiare e spunti di riflessione sulla meditazione buddhista.

Le Quattro Nobili Verita (Italian)
Le Quattro Nobili Verita (Italian) | Ajahn Sumedho

Un libretto con le trascrizioni dei discorsi di Ajahn Sumedho, relativi all'insegnamento essenziale del Buddha: c'è una via spirituale che permette di superare l'infelicità umana.

Mindfulness: The Path to the Deathless
Mindfulness: The Path to the Deathless | Ajahn Sumedho

Mindfulness – Path to the Deathless is a collection of talks by Ajahn Sumedho gathered together and published in the 1980s in order to present his teachings on meditation practice. This book provides clear guidance on meditation and making one's life a practice of the Buddha's Way.

Plena Atencao (Portuguese)
Plena Atencao (Portuguese) | Ajahn Sumedho

O objectivo deste livro e proporcionar uma instrucao clara e uma reflexao sobre meditacao budista, tal como e ensinada por Ajahn Sumedho, um bhikkhu (monge) da tradicao Theravada.
(Portuguese translation of Mindfulness - The Path to the Deathless)

As Quatro Nobres Verdades (Portuguese)
As Quatro Nobres Verdades (Portuguese) | Ajahn Sumedho

Este livro foi compilado e editado a partir de palestras proferidas pelo Veneravel Ajahn Sumedho acerca do ensinamento central do Buddha - que a infelicidade humana pode ser transcendida atraves do caminho espiritual.
(Portuguese Translation of The Four Noble Truths)

Die Vier Edlen Wahrheiten (German)
Die Vier Edlen Wahrheiten (German) | Ajahn Sumedho

Eine kleine Sammlung bearbeiteter Vorträge von Ajahn Sumedho über die zentrale Lehre des Buddha: dass das Unglücklichsein durch spirituelle Praxis überwunden werden kann.

Anthology Vol 1 - Peace is a Simple Step
Anthology Vol 1 - Peace is a Simple Step | Ajahn Sumedho

Peace is a Simple Step brings together material that forms a foundation to Ajahn Sumedho’s teachings, from talks that were given in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It is a collection made up of three books – 'Cittaviveka', 'Teachings from the Forest' and 'The Four Noble Truths'.

Anthology Vol 2 - Seeds of Understanding
Anthology Vol 2 - Seeds of Understanding | Ajahn Sumedho

This volume contains material that spans the early and middle stages of Ajahn Sumedho’s teaching career, and has previously appeared as three separate books - 'Mindfulness: the Path to the Deathless' ,'Questions and Answers with Ajahn Sumedho' and 'The Mind and the Way'

Anthology Vol 3 - Direct Realization
Anthology Vol 3 - Direct Realization | Ajahn Sumedho

This volume contains material gathered from talks given by Ajahn Sumedho in the late 1980s and 1990s. It is made up of two collections – The Way It Is and Buddhism Now! – and an interview with John Baxter, conducted at Amaravati in 1986.

Anthology Vol 4 - The Sound of Silence
Anthology Vol 4 - The Sound of Silence | Ajahn Sumedho

This volume is a reprint of The Sound of Silence, published by Wisdom Publications in 2007 and offered by them to Amaravati Publications for free distribution.

Anthology Vol 5 - The Wheel of Truth
Anthology Vol 5 - The Wheel of Truth | Ajahn Sumedho

The title of this book refers to the image of the Buddha’s teaching, the Wheel of Truth (or Dhamma). It is a wheel that he set rolling in his first discourse by proclaiming the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of practice. This teaching remains as the axis of Ajahn Sumedho’s teaching and personal contemplative work.

Csittaviveka (Hungarian)
Csittaviveka (Hungarian) | Ajahn Sumedho

A csöndes tudat tanítása

Igy Van Ez (Hungarian)
Igy Van Ez (Hungarian) | Ajahn Sumedho

A valóság természete

Las Cuatro Nobles Verdades (Spanish)
Las Cuatro Nobles Verdades (Spanish) | Ajahn Sumedho

Este libro fue recopilado y editado a partir de charlas ofrecidas por el Venerable Ajahn Sumedho sobre la enseñanza central de Buda: que la infelicidad de la humanidad puede ser superada a través de medios espirituales.